Online roulette

online rouletteThere are many different versions of online roulette. These can be as simple as a virtual game or as realistic and immersive as live roulette at a live-dealer casino. Whatever the player’s choice, the overall principles of the game remain the same. The online world has allowed a wide variety of roulette games to be made available to the public. Before roulette came to the online platform, American roulette was usually only seen in America. And, European and French roulette only in Europe. Now, all of these games are available no matter where you live in the world.

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This ability to access a wider range of roulette games has enabled players to get a better feel for the game as a whole. And, to enjoy a wider variety of gaming styles. With so many different ways to play online, it has also brought players from various parts of the world into one single group of players. They can interact and discuss among themselves tips, tricks and strategies for playing the game. With this in mind, online roulette has continued to grow. And, it is becoming more and more popular once again.

A Short History of Roulette

Roulette is believed to have originated in 18th century France, when Blaise Pascal was attempting to create a perpetual-motion machine. Since 1796, the game has been played in a rather basic form. At this time, the wheel already contained red and black pockets. Though, it wasn’t until later that the green for the zero was introduced. Later, in Germany, the double zero was removed from the wheel, and the double-zero version migrated to become what is now known as American roulette.

As history and technology moved forward, the roulette wheel became more sophisticated. And, with the arrival of the internet, soon made its way to an online form. Now it is easy to play roulette online in almost any form. Gone are the days when the American wheel could only be found in the States, and similarly the European wheel only in Europe. Now players can find and enjoy all versions online, no matter where they reside.

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a rather straightforward game to play, but it is harder or nigh on impossible to master. The game is a simple one, and involves a wheel with numerous pockets, each containing a number. This wheel is then spun, and on the outside rim a ball is dropped that will spin in the opposite direction. Players then place bets on which of the numbered pockets they believe the ball will eventually drop into.

To this effect, there is a large roulette table adjacent to the wheel. Here there is a chart which outlines all the possible bets that a player can make. These bets range from the outside bets. It offers lower odds but a greater probability of occurrence, to the inside bets. It pays out much higher amounts but may never come off. Players can spend time prior to the ball-drop making these bets. It follows whatever strategy they have in place. When bets are placed, the dealer will then spin the wheel and drop the ball. Everyone waits with anticipation for the result. For further information read our how to play roulette guide.

Roulette Strategies

In an effort to beat the odds, many players use various betting systems. These include the Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alembert systems, to name but a few. Each of these has devised a specific way in which players ought to place their bets, detailing increments of when to raise and when to lower their bets, depending on the outcome of each spin. These strategies can be used for online roulette as much as they can in the casino itself. Though, there is no guarantee that a winning outcome will be achieved.

Casino roulette is, in general, a very fun and exciting game. It doesn’t require too much knowledge of the game. But, rather relies on an abundance of luck and goodwill from players. With the right spin, and luck firmly on your shoulder, roulette can be a most lucrative game.

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